Here’s How Toxic Cleaning Products Affect Your Health

Eastern cultures clearly understand that everything we do needs to be balanced with nature, which is obviously not understood and applied in the Western culture. Everything we do here is always one-sided, always the case of us exploiting what our environment has to offer and is being destroyed. This is also true in our cleaning maintenance in our house.

When we think of cleaning and sanitizing our homes, removing all the dust, dirt, and grime, and getting rid of the germs and microbes are all what we think of, regardless of their negative impact on the environment. Worse, we even expose ourselves to these chemicals and being passive about the hazards they cause to our health. The good thing is you can avoid this by opting for eco-friendly cleaning solutions and hiring a quality service like professional cleaning Pompano Beach that uses environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.

What we forget to realize is that it is impossible to get rid of all the germs in the house as they are everywhere and they will be completely invasive no matter what we do. We use these products, turn a blind eye, and try to be faithful to its promise of complete cleanliness. But before you consider purchasing these chemicals and using them on your surfaces, or hiring a cleaning service, know a little bit of science and see how they do not just affect the environment, but also our health.

Many of us like to smell that scent that cleaning solutions give off. Who wouldn’t? It gives a clean smell that will make you believe that you already have gotten rid of all the grimes and germs in the house. The truth is, breathing in these chemicals, and having a long exposure might lead to serious lung issues, and you will find yourself having difficulty breathing at all.

Norwegian scientists have found out that there is a link between lung issues and toxic cleaning products in 6,000 participants in the study. Women who worked as professional cleaners suffered the most.

The exposure to the cleaning products is associated with the adverse effects on lung and their functions like:

• FVC (forced vital capacity): the measurement of how much air a certain person forcibly exhale give as much time as they need to

• FEV1 (forced expiratory volume in one second): the amount of air a person forcibly breathes out in one second.

The research suggests that these adverse effects are due to the irritation of the mucus membranes in the airways that will lead to lungs issues when having a long exposure. Also, cleaning products also decimate your microbiome as well as destroy your lungs.

Aside from the lungs, there are still many effects of toxic cleaning solutions to your health such as longer exposure might cause cancer or other serious diseases.

Everyone desires a clean house, free from dust, dirt, grime, and bacteria. But we need to understand that these chemicals, even though effective in providing you cleanliness, can also destroy the environment we have as well as our health. So, be wise and considerate with your cleaning preferences.

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